Having good travel insurance when you attend one of our trips is a must.  This can cover you for a range of things – which you can choose – and it is worth the investment for your peace of mind.  You are paying to protect yourself from:

  • Medical expenses (especially when you are away from our own country)
  • Lost baggage – it is rare, but it can happen and then you need to buy clothes and other items until your bags are found.
  • Pulling out of a trip at the last moment – because you or a family member is sick.

There are many companies that offer Travel Insurance.

We suggest you use a travel insurance broker online such as


These allow you to add your details (name and age), trip dates, trip cost (don’t forget to add your airfares etc) and the date you made your trip payments.  The site then gives you a list of insurance options from a number of companies so you can see the prices, and what they cover.

So it’s insurance shopping in one place.

It is quick and easy and all done electronically.


Travel Insurnace

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