Gary Lewis, President

Gary was educated in Sydney Australia where he earned an honors degree from the University of Sydney and an Associate Diploma of Education (US Masters Equivalent).  He taught in schools in NSW before moving to CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization) to become involved in public science education.  He then established and directed the education programs for Geoscience Australia.  In 2003 he took up the position of Senior Director of Education at the Geological Society of America.  In 2015 he started at the Maine Mathematic & Science Alliance (MMSA) where he was the Director of Operations and Communication Coordinator and also established GEOetc LLC.  He left MMSA in March 2023 to pursue GEOetc full time.

Gary Lewis is an expert in communicating Earth science to teachers, students and the general public.  He is a prolific author of Earth-science related materials including over 100 teacher resources (print and electronic), a successful podcast and TikTok series as well as the creator of explanatory videos for classrooms.  Gary runs an active field trip program leading trips to Iceland, Hawaii, Italy, Australia and beyond for educators and the public every year.

Gary is also an Airtable expert, helping organizations to build high functioning data-driven solutions for their needs.  He has expertise in creating customer databases, event management data systems (including online registrations), finance management, appointment scheduling, travel tracking and more.

Gary is an enthusiastic, resourceful project manager with many years of leading high performing teams and running projects with high impact.

Gary lives with his wife and youngest children in rural Maine.

Consulting team

GEOetc calls on its team of consulting experts to support projects round the globe.  Each consultant is an independent contractor whose work on projects is coordinated by GEOetc.

Susannah Gordon-Messer

Susannah trained as a science researcher and shifted her focus to education when she realized that her true enthusiasm lay in finding ways to teach and excite people about all things STEM related. She is particularly interested in innovative tools and programs that allow teachers and students to engage in authentic experiences and use their creativity as they learn about the world around them. Her work blends a deep science knowledge and a love of technology with asset based community development approaches – realizing how much value exists in building on the strengths of existing programs. She holds a PhD in Biophysics and Structural Biology from Brandeis University and a BS in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University.

She has worked in STEM education for 20 years beginning as a high school math teacher. As a STEM specialist at the Maine Math and Science Alliance, she was the principal investigator for an NSF funded project developing augmented reality experience for community science engagement. Prior to that, she  worked at the University of Southern Maine as the interim director of the Ci2 Concept Research Lab, a creative projects and innovation space for students, faculty and the community. She led design thinking workshops and supported students with projects ranging from virtual reality video games, to a 3D printed prosthetic grip aid. Before moving to Maine, she was a curriculum and professional development specialist for The Education Arcade at MIT where she worked on the content, design and pilot research for The Radix Endeavor, a multiplayer online game tied to math and biology standards.

Pearce Kelley

Pearce originally trained as a mechanical engineer. Following his interests in understanding how and why things work he transitioned his skills towards teaching outdoor experiential STEM to youth. He enjoys aiding students in understanding the science within their local habitats and daily experiences. He finds learning comes easiest when you can immerse yourself in the content and let your inquiry guide discovery. His work has primarily focused on building scientific literacy through play and exploration. 

Pearce first began teaching in 2014 at an environmental summer camp where he found joy in creating lessons that were focused on educational play. He continued to work in the informal educational realm in gardens, forests, and salt marshes fostering hands-on learning experiences for students inside and outside of the classroom until joining MMSA in 2021. At MMSA his focus shifted to designing and running workshops centered around outdoor learning with augmented reality. He advised on the development and creation of an augmented reality phone app and partnered with informal educators to design lessons for student use. He also served as a climate education consultant for the Maine DoE and instructed classroom teachers on the integration of outdoor learning within their curriculum.

Natalie Chamberlain

Natalie, originally hailing from Colorado and raised in South Florida, currently calls Maine her home. Armed with a B.A. in English from the University of Florida and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland, she boasts over 15 years of marketing and communication strategy experience. For the past six years, Natalie has dedicated her skills to the non-profit STEM sector, where she has made a significant impact.

Natalie is a results-driven marketing management professional with a keen focus on crafting strategies that consistently yield success. Here’s what she brings to the table:

  • Strategic Marketing Expertise: Natalie specializes in meticulously planning, executing, and overseeing integrated marketing programs that span various channels and audience segments.
  • Results-Oriented Approach: She is unwavering in her commitment to developing marketing plans that align with specific objectives, and she takes pride in methodically measuring the success of initiatives and campaigns.
  • Stakeholder Relationships: Natalie excels in cultivating and nurturing relationships with stakeholders, both internal and external. This skill ensures seamless project management and the attainment of successful outcomes.
  • Digital Proficiency: With expertise in managing an array of social media platforms, including Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, she adeptly leverages the power of the digital landscape to drive her strategies.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Natalie enjoys exploring the creative side of technology and making it accessible to others. During her leisure time, you’ll find her cherishing moments with her partner, two children, and two feline companions. She has a passion for baking, cooking, hiking, and all things beach-related.