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Geoscience provides such important information for the management of our planet’s environmental and economic problems.   Geoscience provides us information to minimize our risk of injury and damage caused by natural disasters.  Geoscience also provides an amazing insight into the way our dynamic planet works – from its towering mountains to its deepest ocean trenches and shows us how it has changed over time.  The world of geoscience is fascinating – and we want to share it with you.

GEOetc LLC  provides education, outreach and communication services and resources to the Earth science education community around the globe.  With experience in resource development, professional development, project management and communication on multiple continents, GEOetc LLC  can provide unique solutions based on tried and tested successes.

“To learn, one needs a passionate, intelligent & knowledgeable teacher that will instill the love of learning about their subject. Gary Lewis achieves this with the added bonus of bringing his specialty alive in the field, ensuring that your learning is alive and fun! This from another teacher who admires and applauds great teachers.”  Pam McLaughlin

“I attended a professional development session in Hawaii with Gary Lewis.  Though he had conducted this session on volcanoes numerous times before, it did not diminish Gary’s enthusiasm, which was contagious.  His knowledge is impressive and he has a passion that invigorates others.  During this session, Gary used demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on activities in the field to teach a substantial quantity of material.  The amount I learned was staggering and I thank Gary for being such an inspiring example of what it means to be an outstanding teacher!”  Stephanie Jhones

“Taking learning out of the classroom and into the “real” world is what all science teachers strive for, and Gary Lewis is an expert. Having worked with Gary to plan a trip for middle-schoolers, and having participated myself on one of his trips for teachers, it’s clear that he not only knows his stuff inside-out, but he understands his audience, too. Gary does a wonderful job tailoring incredible experiences for multiple levels of learners. His materials are top-notch and his excitement at sharing his experience with students is beyond compare.”  Ian  H. D. Clark, Middle School Science Teacher, CT.

GEOetc LLC is incorporated in Maine, USA.


Gary Lewis
(Educator, Communicator, Scientist, Geoaware)

Gary Lewis trained as a geologist and then became a teacher by trade.  He has taught in the classroom and has a great understanding of what motivates students (and their teachers).  He is the author of over 30 Earth science-related resources covering a plethora of topics from volcanoes to gold and has run hundreds of teacher professional development sessions in the USA and Australia.


Gary also has been running field trips for teachers since 1985 to Iceland, Hawaii and his native Australia.

Gary has been involved in citizen science programs (EarthTrek, Gravestone Project) and created and developed the successful EarthCache program which is part of the international adventure game of EarthCaching.  Gary has worked closely with the media and uses social media skills enhance programs across the globe.

Gary has been the chair (6 years) and is currently a commissioner on the International Union of Geological Sciences Commission of Geoscience Education, Training and Technology Transfer.  He is an active member of the International Geoscience Education Community (IGEO), including being a convener of its conference (GeoSciEd) in Sydney in 2000.

Gary is an enthusiastic, resourceful project manager with many years of leading high performing teams and running projects with high impact.

Gary lives with his wife and youngest children in rural Maine.


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