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The Volcanoes of Italy

A trip for Earth Science & Geography Teachers from around the world

Teachers, Pre-service teachers, College Students, and their friends are welcome on this trip.

June 23- July 2,  2021

Trip closed.

This ten-day (9 night) field experience will take you to the famous volcanoes of the Sicily, the Eolian islands and the bay of Naples where you will experience the geological and cultural history of these amazing landforms.

Join other educators for hikes and cruises to explore the active volcanoes of Etna, Volcano, Stromboli, and Vesuvius.  We will
discuss not only their tectonic settings but how their chemistry influences their eruptive styles.  We will visit the famous site of Pompei and see how the city of Naples has grown around an active volcano.

We will visit these sites with a local expert as well as world renown geoscience educators Chris Spencer and Gary Lewis.

We will model in the field:

  • Inquiry learning and group learning
  • Using field notebooks
  • Collecting and recording data – and see modern data collection technology

You will return to your classroom with:

  • Classroom samples
  • Amazing images of sites you have seen
  • Data collected
  • Skills you can transfer to your students.

What about the pandemic?

We want to keep everyone safe.  We will not run a trip if there was a risk that you would be hurt or injured in any way – including infectious diseases.   If travel restrictions are not lifted, trips will be postponed for 12 months.  If travel is allowed, we will be insisting that everyone wears masks and maintains social distancing.  If a vaccine is available, we will be asking people for proof they have been vaccinated.   If not, we will be asking participants to provide us proof of a recent negative COVID test before travel (details will be sent to you a few weeks before departure).   These are not unfair conditions – but ways that we can ensure everyone is safe.

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The Volcanoes of Italy – July 2021

Cost: $US 2295 per person (not including airfares to/from Italy.  Shared rooms).


Perfect for people from around the world…..
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The Volcanoes of Italy – June 2021
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