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Discover Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes 2019

A trip for STEM & Geography Teachers

Pre-service teachers and College Students are welcome on this trip.

 4-11 August 2019

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Hawaii Teacher Trip

Come and experience the active volcanoes of the Big Island of Hawaii.  This nine-day (7 night) field experience on the Big Island of Hawaii will have you living on one of the world’s most active volcanoes.  This trip will give you deep knowledge of volcanoes – their processes and products and how humans live with the hazards they pose.  Learn about classroom activities and experience the real world of volcanology in the field.

We visit many famous sites, as well as places the average tourist will NEVER see.

We stay in lodge accommodation (shared rooms and facilities), travel is modern air-conditioned vans.

We will model in the field:

  • Inquiry learning and group learning
  • Using field notebooks
  • Collecting and recording data – and see modern data collection technology
  • Mapping in a cave – the geographic skills and mathematics of a flow
  • Mapping a volcanic event

You will return to your classroom with:

  • Classroom samples
  • Amazing images of sites you have seen
  • Data collected
  • Skills you can transfer to your students

You will:

  • Learn about Plate Tectonics and how Hawaii fits (or does not fit) into the simple model
  • See evidence of current volcanic activity …this volcano has been erupting for 33+ years
  • Walk on young lava flows
  • Learn to identify eruption products – ash, scoria, lava flow types, bombs, vog etc
  • See evidence for natural hazards – earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis as well as explosive volcanic events.  We will see engineering examples of hazard mitigation.
  • See how humans have lived with the hazards of an active volcanic environment.
  • Walk on green and black sand beaches.


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For more details on educational experiences for the trip, please download the learning outcomes document.

Hawaii Teacher Trip  Hawaii Teacher Trip  Hawaii Teacher Trip  Hawaii Teacher Trip  Hawaii Teacher Trip

Hawaii Teacher Trip

Cost: $US 1785 per person (not including airfares to/from Hilo, HI.  Twin share).

Perfect for people from around the world…..
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(Here are some ideas on how you can fund your trip)

Download the learning outcomes document – for those applying for grants or seeking funding from school or school districts.

What have past participants said…..

“I attended a professional development session in Hawaii with Gary Lewis.  Though he had conducted this session on volcanoes numerous times before, it did not diminish Gary’s enthusiasm, which was contagious.  His knowledge is impressive and he has a passion that invigorates others.  During this session, Gary used demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on activities in the field to teach a substantial quantity of material.  The amount I learned was staggering and I thank Gary for being such an inspiring example of what it means to be an outstanding teacher!”  Stephanie Jhones

“Taking learning out of the classroom and into the “real” world is what all science teachers strive for, and Gary Lewis is an expert. Having worked with Gary to plan a trip for middle-schoolers, and having participated myself on one of his trips for teachers, it’s clear that he not only knows his stuff inside-out, but he understands his audience, too. Gary does a wonderful job tailoring incredible experiences for multiple levels of learners. His materials are top-notch and his excitement at sharing his experience with students is beyond compare.”  Ian  H. D. Clark, Middle School Science Teacher, CT.

“Our family was fortunate to have traveled with Gary Lewis in the educational geology tours that he led both in Australia and in Hawaii. As a parent, I appreciated having things taken care of on our trips so that all we had to do was enjoy the learning adventure. Having our children experience this incredible immersive in-the-field education was priceless. As a high school science teacher, I greatly admire Gary’s natural teaching style. The enthusiasm and passion with which he shares his expertise and love for earth sciences is contagious! He got all the participants involved in genuine learning situations. Not only did we learn, but we wanted to learn more; that’s great teaching! I continue to use what I learned from Gary in my science classroom and I have also shared what I learned with my colleagues at teacher conferences. His teaching will continue to inspire many!”  Kim Hula-Hetu, 2007 Outstanding Science Teacher Award winner from the Alberta Teachers’ Association Science Council.


hawaii teacher trip

Discover Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes – Hawaii Teacher Trip August 2019
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