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Geocache on Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes II

A trip for geocachers from around the globe.

The trip is open for people 18 years and older.

16-22 October 2023 

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Join an enthusiastic group and discover the wonders of the active volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii while we hunt for geocaches.

The Big Island of Hawaii has remarkable landscapes – from tropical rainforests to deserts, to palm-lined coastlines, to barren lava fields to snow-capped mountains.  What better place to hunt for caches – traditional and earthcaches!    We will spend time caching on all the active volcanoes (there are three of them) as well as seeing some fantastic sites, including green sand and black sand beaches, lava tubes, lava fields, coral reefs, and more.

We stay in lodge accommodation (shared rooms and facilities), and travel is modern air-conditioned vehicles.

Potential Caches

Traditional: 55

EarthCaches: 15

Other: 2

You will also

  • Learn a little about Plate Tectonics
  • See evidence of current volcanic activity
  • Walk on young lava flows
  • Walk on green and black sand beaches.
  • Spend time with other cachers and enjoy each other’s company.


See some photos from last year’s trip.



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Geocache on Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes 2023 Trip

Cost:  $US 1995 per person*

(*not including airfares to/from Hilo, HI.  group room-share.  4 people to an apartment).

Please note that you must be 18 years or older to attend this trip


REGISTER HERE : Geocache on Hawaii's Active Volcanoes II 2023

A special trip for geocachers to explore and cache on Hawaii's Active Volcanoes. We would love you to join us on this fun week exploring and caching.Registration is only accepted with payment of deposit.

At Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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Perfect for people from around the world…..
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Geocache on Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes II – October 2023
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