Discover Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes
February 2018 – a trip for all geology enthusiasts!

10-18 February 201


Hawaii volcanoes tripThis nine-day (8 night) field trip on the Big Island of Hawaii will expand your knowledge in the field of plate tectonics, hot spot volcanism and the geologic features and hazards associated with living on an active volcano.  We will discuss volcanic edifices, eruption styles, magma evolution and see various types of lava flows, lava lakes, tree molds and lava trees, fault scarps, rifts, craters and calderas.

We will use our observations and new-found knowledge to discuss methods on how to effectively communicate geologic concepts.  We will also have time to look at modern reef development (snorkeling) and local agriculture based on the volcanic soils.  We will visit sites of natural hazards, including the 1946 & 1964 tsunamis.  

We will practice field mapping skills in volcanic environments.   Mapping activities include:

  • Mapping the edge of lava flows and looking for evidence of relative ages.
  • Mapping inside a lava tube and calculating flow volumes.
  • Mapping volcanic eruption site features and building ideas and theories on the geological history.

Hawaii Volcanoes Trip

IMG_7610“The Hawaii student trip allowed me to see Hawaii in a way that most people never do. This included hiking through lava tubes and across cooled lava lakes, snorkeling with turtles, bathing at the green sand beach, and a helicopter ride over an active volcano. I learned far more about the unique volcanism of Hawaii during this trip than from any text book, and I got to meet lots of cool people. Would absolutely recommend to anyone!”  Jennifer Prichard, PhD candidate, ANU

“You really just have to see Hawaii in person to grasp the magnitude, devastation and beauty!  The experience was greatly enhanced by Gary’s knowledge and ability to get you off the tourist trail and adapt the trip to suit the group’s interests.”  Clare Connolly,PhD candidate, ANU

This is a hands-on trip….

We welcome all geoscience enthusiasts to join this experience – ie. past students, faculty members, teachers and lovers of geology.  You will be expected to participate in all the activities and be part of working groups.

Download the trip information (pdf)


Cost: $US 1685 per person*

( * not including airfares to/from Hilo, HI.  Twin share).

Members of any national geological society receive a US$60 discount so the final trip cost for those members is US$1625.   You must provide your society member number when registering to receive the discount.

Single rooms are available for additional fee of US$675 pp.


REGISTER (with deposit) - Discover Hawaii's Active Volcanoes, February 2018

A Hawaiian Volcano experience for all - University/College students, teachers, faculty and others.

At Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island)

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Perfect for people from around the world…..
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Refund & Insurance Policy- Feb 2018 Trip
Trip payment (including deposit) is fully refundable minus a US$50 administration fee up till COB on October  31,  2017.   Cancellations between November 1,  2017 and December 1,  2017 will forfeit deposit (US$500). Full payment is due before December 31, 2017.  There are no refunds after January 1,  2018.   All participants MUST provide evidence for travel insurance for the trip period when full payment is made.
Discover Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes – February 2018
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