So you need to buy a for the geologist in your life?   Are you struggling to find something that will be ideal for their impeccable taste in all things Earth-related?

I know how hard it can be to find that special ‘something’…even when I am buying a gift for myself!

So how about these gift ideas that I have found…they range from the cheap to the expensive.  Scroll through them and see if I spark your gifting ideas!

So these are just ideas…if you click and but any of these I may get a small commission for pointing you their way.   But knowing that the holiday season is soon going to be on us and deliveries are kind of slow, maybe the timing of this is about right!

  Geologic Time Scale Mug

This awesome mug not only has the time scale graphically represented on the outside but has an Elrathia kingii trilobite fossil relief on the inside!

It is a 14 oz. mug that is dishwasher and microwave safe.  It even comes in a colorful box.

Last time I looked it was US$17.95 on Amazon (see it here)

Below are some other designs (click on them to see them larger on Amazon)

RIte-in-the-Rain Geological Field Book

If they don’t have one of these – well they should!   This awesome field book can really make a geologists life happy.   Not only can use write in it in the pouring rain (even UNDERWATER), but it comes with a handy set of references in the back and even a scale rule.

The PERFECT gift!

Last time I looked it was US$22.95 on Amazon (see it here)

Cool Bumper/Back Window Sticker

Looking for something a little different?  Or maybe for those $10 or less gift swaps?    How about this cool sticker.

Last time I looked it was US$9.99 on Amazon (see it here)

How about a cool cap?

They can wear it into the field.  They can wear it to a conference.  They can wear it to a wedding.  They could even wear it in the bath!

It’s simple.  One size fits all (no ‘oh what is the right size to get them’)

Last time I looked it was US$19.99 on Amazon (see it here)

Maybe it’s time for a new rock hammer?

You can read my guide on how to buy a geologic hammer right here.  I have added pictures of the best kinds below – click on the photos to see them on Amazon.

They range in price from US$23 – US50 depending on styles.

A whole Pile of T-Shirts

I know that a T-shirt is something we all like to have – something that really says ‘I’m a geologist’ to the whole world as we wear it to parties, weddings and the like.

Below is a gallery of ones I like… most are under US$25.  Click on the image to see it on Amazon.

 Roadside Geology Guides

You can get these amazing guides for almost all states and territories around the world.  Below is just some of them that I own…or are on my wish list.

Last time I looked they sell for around US$15.00-US$20.00 on Amazon.

Pelican Field Boxes

Sometimes you need to protect your equipment when heading out into the field.  These Pelican field boxes are so rugged, filled with foam that you can pick out to suit your needs, and come in a variety of colors to suit your personality.

And they are dust and water proof!

Last time I looked it was US$109.95 on Amazon (see it here)

Expanding, waterproof poster tube

I can’t tell you how many times I have had to take a poster or map to a conference or meeting.  This is an essential item for a geologist who wants to share their love to their peers.

Last time I looked it was US$22.99 on Amazon (see it here)

Rain gear

I do spend a lot of time in a field area that has a load of rain (the wettest city in the USA is my base for that work), so having good rain gear is great.   I have tried MANY types…I am always looking for a lightweight cover-all type.  This is what I am using at the moment.  It’s pretty good for the price.

Last time I looked it was US$25.95 on Amazon (see it here)

Mineral Sieves

It sounds like a strange gift – but if you are into gold panning, these are awesome.  They are lightweight and really help separate the fines from the rest.  Best of all, they fit into any standard 5 gals. bucket!

Last time I looked it was US$99.99 on Amazon (see it here)

Gold Pan

I have used so many gold pans in my day – even once panned for gold using a broken bottle!    But these plastic pans are fantastic.  They are very lightweight in your hands compared to metal pans.  They are easy to hike into locations and fit under my sieves.

Last time I looked it was US$13.99 on Amazon (see it here)

Geokids – Pebble Pubs – Young geo’s

I am plugging everyone’s stuff – I should mention the book I wrote for 8-10-year-olds on collecting rocks and minerals.   It’s available in good book stores.. and on Amazon.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Gifts for Geologists & Rockhounds