We are currently dealing with changes in the way we communicate with each and our students due to the COVID-19 crisis.   And I hate the idea that anyone feels isolated.  So let’s just grab a coffee and meet up online to chat about things – no real structure, but a way to meet other people teaching Earth science around the globe.  Maybe we can share stories, ideas, and solve each other’s Earth science teaching problems.

I will set up a Zoom room in which we can all meet – I will email all who register a zoom room link and instructions.  You will need a webcam and mic, a coffee/tea/drink, and a desire to become friends with new people!

In case we get flooded, I have set up this simple registration page.

Totally free to participate.  No obligation.   No nothing – but good chat.


Next Session

Topic:  Welcome back…what is happening for you at school?

Friday October 15th @ 7.00 pm US ET
(Saturday, May 16th @ 9.00 am Sydney Australian ET)




New to the group?   Just register below and I will send you the details.


Earth Science over a Virtual Coffee

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