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Anatomy of the Alps

Discover Plate Tectonics in Italy and Switzerland

July 30 – August 8, 2018

K-12 teachers and pre-service teachers of Earth Science and Geography (and their families), and all geology enthusiasts are welcome.

This amazing field experience in the Italian and Swiss Alps will introduce you to the rock cycle of mountain building including magmatism, sedimentation, and metamorphism, along with the geologic features and hazards associated with living on an active mountain system. We will discuss the nature of the continental crust, the cycle of plate tectonics, and the features of a subduction from the mantle to volcanoes. We will see diamond-bearing metamorphic rocks to dinosaur tracks and everything in between!

mattahornWe will use our observations and new found knowledge to discuss methods on how to effectively communicate geologic concepts with students. We will model inquiry in the field. We will collect data and develop models for what we see. We will look at engineering structures to assist with landslides, earthquakes, and more. You will take a lot of photographs, collect samples and have amazing experiences.

This is a GEOetc trip organized in association with the TravelingGeologist.



Refund & Insurance policy – Alps 2018 Trip
Trip payment (including deposit) is fully refundable minus a US$50 administration fee up till COB on December 31,  2017.   Cancellations between January 1,  
2018 and April 15,  2018 will forfeit deposit (US$500). Full payment is due before April 30, 2018.  There are no refunds after April 30,  2018. All participants must provide evidence for health insurance for the trip period when full payment is made.

Anatomy of the Alps – Discover Plate Tectonics in Italy and Switzerland, July-August 2018
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