Webinars are a wonderful way to present materials, programs and organizations to large numbers of people.  However, there is quite an art to running successful webinars in which your participants feel involved and receive value.

Joining our Webinars 101 course is a quick way to be introduced to the webinar-delivery process.


What does Webinars 101 cover?

Webinars 101 is just ONE HOUR long and topics we cover include:

  1. What you need to run a webinar
  2. What platforms can you use to deliver your program – on a big budget, or on a shoestring
  3. Types of presentations.
  4. Keys to success

We model a webinar – including platforms, do’s and don’ts as part of this straight-talking basics program.

We run these courses for just a small group of people, so there is plenty of time for questions and answers

Who is Webinars 101 for?

This course is for people who know very little about webinar delivery – and want to know the basics of getting webinars as an effective tool for their business.   It is for presenters, educators, and administrators.

What does it cost?

For organizations….

We run the Webinars 101 course at a convenient time for you and your organization.   We take up just an hours of your time, and charge $75 for up to five people attending.  We charge an additional $5 per person for more people until our cap of 10 people max.

For individuals….

We also run group courses for individuals wanting to join another session.  The cost for these is $15 per person.

How do we arrange a date and time?

Easy!  If you want an organizational session, send Gary and email at gary@geoetc.com and include available days and time for your organization (and your organization’s location) and he will respond to you within one business day.

If you are an individual, you can register your interest for the next group course by sending Gary and email at gary@geoetc.com.  He will let you know when (date and time) the next group session will run.