book-sDo you want to get your science into the hands of teachers and students?   Do you have ideas and data that you think students and teachers would enjoy using and that will enhance their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths?  Do you have a special educational project that is beyond your current staffing capacity?

The very best developers of materials that will be used in the classroom are by those people who have BEEN in the classroom and understand the needs of teachers and their students.  We have that experience and use teachers to test materials to ensure their suitability in the classroom.


We have 35 years of developing educational resources for government, industry and non-profit organizations including:

  • The “Explore Geoscience” series of education products for Geoscience Australia and then the Geological Society of America covering topics such as Plate Tectonics, EarthQuakes, Landslides – containing full teacher notes, reproducible classroom activities and teachers guides to the activities. Over 25 different products were developed and marketed to schools.  Over 8 million students have used these materials.
  • Map reading kits – The award-winning Mt Todd Map Kit – teaching students how to read geologic maps through simple and fun scenario-based activities.  Developed with the Pegasus Gold and AGSO.
  • A major contributor to the Hawaii section of the Teacher Friendly Guides to the Geology of the United States developed by Paleontological Research Institution.

We can develop educational resource projects for you OR assist your staff to get your projects up and running.

Contact us to discuss your needs –  email Gary Lewis or +1 (207) 693 8501 (US Eastern Time)

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