Want to make your Science teaching and learning exciting?

What could be better than learning about the science of an active volcano!

This resource shows how the Science can be used on an active volcano on the island of Hawaii.   The resource contains a brief video, teaching notes and a reproducible classroom activity to extend the learning with students.


Please note that this is a module of the STEM on an Active Volcano and contains just the science segments of the complete package.




Science – the video covers the basics of hot-spot volcanoes, how they erupt and their life cycles.  We will see recent activity and volcanic features and products (gasses, liquids, and solids).





Accompanying Classroom Resource

An accompanying classroom resource includes video script, active listening sheets, and a suggested reproducible classroom activity.


Developed by teachers for teachers – in the classroom or at home.

And funded in part by the generous support of teachers and colleagues through Kickstarter!

Science on an Active Volcano