The Black Falls – Version 2

Discover Iceland – Fire and Ice on a Mid-Ocean Ridge

Two trips:

a. K-12 Teachers of Science and Geography – pre-service, practicing and retired.
(College/ University students are welcome to attend)

b. All geology enthusiasts

Summer 2019 (dates to be announced)


IMG_6342This 6-day (5 night) field trip to Iceland highlights the amazing geology of this Mid-Ocean Ridge country.  We will walk across a plate boundary, see recent active volcanism, climb amazing craters, walk on glaciers and so much more.  Each and every turn of the road has amazing sites, waterfalls and the greenest landscapes imaginable.

Iceland is an amazing place to learn and share how Plate Tectonics and glacial landforms can be taught in the classroom.  We will work on some field skills as well as modeling inquiry.

Help! She is going to fallWe will visit historic sites, including where all geysers obtained their name and where the parliament of the oldest running democracy met in the open air of a rift zone of a mid-ocean ridge.  We will bath in geothermal hot springs and see how the Icelandic economy uses geothermal power.

This trip is truly amazing.  It will change your life (it changed mine the first time I visited)!

Cost: $US TBA per person (not including airfares to/from Keflavík International Airport. Twin share).

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IMG_6219 IMG_6089 Trolls Falls in Iceland IMG_6073 IMG_6183 IMG_6116 IMG_6308

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Discover Iceland – Fire and Ice on a Mid-Ocean Ridge
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